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Yellow 108


Yellow 108 is a Los Angeles based headwear company specializing in sustainable hats and accessories made from salvaged and recycled materials. Utilizing wasted materials from eco textile factories Yellow 108 create products that are truly unique, and limited edition, assisting factories in minimizing waste. Each season, the collection is determined by material access, with new products born from material inspiration. The collection includes felt and textile waste hats for men, women and children, upcycled bags lined with Wholefood banners, bamboo shades, salvaged leather belts, and even some napkins and aprons.


The brand began life four years ago with hemp hats launched in Wholefoods stores. Hat styles include the classic fisherman’s cap from hemp and organic cotton, complex cable knit beanie’s with ear flaps, and Annie Hall style felt hats and fedora’s. The classic men’s flat cap forms the anchor to the hat collection, with an array of lived in looking styles that could find a comfortable home in any hipsters wardrobe. The sunglasses are designed with a retro sensibility, and hand crafted from bamboo. And the upcycled fold over zip bag is lined with reused Whole Food Markets vinyl banner waste, and designed to attach to a bicycle rack or handlebars.


The name Yellow 108 is inspired by the color yellow which is associated with sunshine, joy, intellect, and energy. The number108 is the Pantone number for a bright, sunny yellow color. The brand donates 2% of all sales to local Los Angeles non profits specializing in socially responsible initiatives. Future collections include a line of bamboo cutlery, a bow tie and small leather goods, all useful, everyday products, made from reutilized materials.


Website: www.yellow108.com