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Spanish brand Florenz is a unique global scarf and textile brand featuring rare prints from West Africa to Japan, produced by traditional artisans in India and Nepal. With an intriguing mix of European aesthetic and traditional global prints, the brand was founded in part to help preserve traditional techniques in danger of dying out, and support artisans struggling to reach a global audience, by bridging the gap between artisan and customer.


Founded by graphic designer Florence Bourgade and David Sanz Frias, Florenz grew out of the Spanish economic crisis, and the experience of working for a successful start up, which helped Bourgade loose the fear of opening her own company. Producing scarves presented itself as the perfect utilization of Bougards graphic skills, with a particular focus on color and print. The perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, not as complex as producing clothing with all the variations in size and fit, yet still with the possibility to be tactile, wearable pieces of art, while supporting endangered traditions and techniques.


Florenz scarves are made from ikat, block printed in Rajasthan, hand loomed in Bengal, and occasionally screen-printed. Weavers in Bengal specialize in a traditional technique known as Jamdani; a type of weaving that has virtually disappeared. Artisans work in the jungle from small family owned enterprises, combining weaving with their domestic chores of childrearing and crop cultivation. Working with a wide range of techniques helps bring sustainable employment to a multitude of craftsmen and craftswomen, from those that carve the blocks for block printing, to the dyers, weavers, printers, colorists, washers and sewers. A simple scarf passes through many hands during production, the stories of those producing the scarves, the places they are made, the techniques and traditions used, are paramount to the story of the brand.


Website: www.floren-z.com