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Reve en Vert


Reve en Vert is an Ecommerce site with an ethos. Others may have a mission statement or a thread that ties the products together, but Reve en Vert is one of very few that manage to combine a sophisticated taste level with ethical standards beautifully. Founded as a response to fast fashion, and the mass consumption of trends, Reve en Vert is a project of passion to support designers working to improve standards in the fashion industry. REV’s work revolves around careful editing and curation of a range of designer labels from womenswear to accessories, jewelry, and even homeware and beauty products.


Reve en Vert stocks brands that are locally produced and manufactured within their country of origin, brands that utilize conscious materials and production, independent designers working to better the industry, and those that work with fair trade practices and are certified with internationally recognized certification bodies such as GOTS, Fair-trade and OEKO-TEX.


Founded by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker in the UK, through a shared commitment to affect change, as well as a knowledge of, and distaste for, the excessive waste and lack of respect the mainstream fashion industry engenders. The partners committed to replacing cheap fast fashion with lasting, elegant and fairly crafted garments, produced with respect for the earth and human beings alike. With a commitment to merge luxury goods with sustainable business, the partners initiated a quest to find the best brands and consolidate them into a single, beautifully curated space for conscious shoppers to access easily.


Design practices must change for our social and environmental wellbeing. R.E.V’s aim is to be the platform for forward thinking creators who are pioneering change in unique, innovative and beautiful ways.


Website: http://revenvert.com