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Longing For Sleep


Borrowing its name from the Estonian title for Chekhov’s novel “Let Me Sleep”, the conceptual collection “Longing for Sleep” is about the haunting wish to sleep during dark wintery times, and refers to the period in the Northern Hemisphere when the days are very short with barely any light. An attempt to materialize the feeling of a wish to stay in bed wrapped in a blanket all day long, the collection created by Marit Ilison, and is made entirely from vintage Soviet wool blankets.


Titled the “true poetess of clothing” by French haute couture magazine Stiletto, Marit Ilison is a multidisciplinary artist and freelance designer working in the fields of conceptual art, fashion, costume and exhibition design. Mixing deep concepts with feelings and eye-catching form, Ilison starts everything from a concept or a feeling. The Vogue TALENT of 2014, she was also a finalist at the 29th Hyeres Fashion & Photography Festival.


The phrase Longing for Sleep had haunted Ilison for years before the project of colorful woolen coats came to fruition after 10 years. Discrete and minimal the collection is embellished with crystals, and expressed through a wide range of colors and patterns.


Website: www.longingforsleep.com