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Knockando Woolmill


The Knockando Woolmill is a historic, fully functioning woolmill in North East Scotland. The mill has been manufacturing woolen textiles continuously since 1784, and is recognized as a unique part of Scotland’s manufacturing heritage. Awarded significant funding for its restoration, the mill is now a pristine and beautiful representation of the tradition and the art of weaving. Manufactured entirely in Scotland, Knockando wool works with the skills and traditions passed down through the generations of skilled craftsmen and women.


Quality, integrity and sustainability are at the forefront of how the mill works through the design and creation of their unique range of specialist woolen tweed and tartan. The Woolmill seeks to minimize its impact on the environment throughout the sourcing and manufacturing processes, while staying true to its heritage and traditions. The range of products produced by the mill include the exclusive Knockando Woolmill Tartan, inspired by the colors and atmosphere of their historic site, and a unique collection of Strathspey Tweed, 20 tweed patterns ranging from herringbones, and gun clubs to complex checks. The mill also produce a full range of finished product, including throws, wraps, scarves, ties, bags, cushions, a teddy bear, and even a tweed hip flask!


The Knockando Woolmill is a registered Scottish Charity with the aim to ensure the Woolmill survives the next 200 years of history. They are also training a new generation of craftspeople to card, spin and weave, and share the experience through opening to public visits. All profits go to the Kockando Woolmill Trust.


Website: www.knockandowoolmill.co.uk