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ORG by Vio

ORG by Vio create beautiful, bohemian, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories, and clothing, handmade by indigenous Amazonian artisans. Developing designer collections in partnership directly with the artisans, the ORG by Vio collection is made from natural rainforest materials including, nuts, seeds fiber and natural rubber. The collection is entirely hand made, and incorporates a diverse range of statement pieces from small seed collars to entire breast plates, waist cinchers and bags. Colors range from light to dark earth tones, and incorporate jet black and vibrant red, all natural, and undyed.

Website: www.orgbyvio.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ORGbyvio

Twitter: @ViointheAmazon

Instagram: http://instagram.com/violetavillacorta

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/orgbyvio

YouTube: www.youtube.com/violetavillacorta