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Baserange is a line of sustainable underwear and easywear with a focus on high quality, organic fabrics. The collection features modern basics with soft, easy silhouettes designed to emphasize natural beauty, while minimizing the environmental impact. The collections simple functionality with a twist, is based on the belief that sustainable products should not be a luxury.


Fabrics are selected based on environmental impact, water and chemical use, and include organic cotton, recycled wool, natural silk, linen and bamboo. Much of the collection is in made from natural undyed fibers, with all dyed products GOTS or Oko-tex certified.


Based in Denmark and France, Baserange was founded in 2012. Working exclusively with small family owned factories, the brand has built long term relationships with the suppliers based on trust. Production is concentrated in the small towns of Porto in Portugal, and Odemis in Turkey. Location proximity allows Baserange to visit their producers regularly, as well as reduce their transportation and carbon footprint.


Website: www.baserange.net