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Featured Video – The Importance of Conscious Consumerism

Blythe Metz in conversation with ecoSkin designer and CEO, Sandy Skinner talking about the impact the textile industry has on pollution and the alternatives we have available.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: Stories, Craft and Values

Kestrel Jenkins connects with Ren Yung Ho & Hanna Hillila, Co-Founder and Creative Director at MATTER. Ren and Hanna share the origins of Matter Prints, and their hopes and dreams for connecting artisans around the globe.

Featured Book – Global Girlfriends

Start small, dream big, change lives— how Stacey Edgar harnessed the power of fair trade to help women in poverty help themselves
by founding Global Girlfriends.

Featured Video – Stitching Wisdom

Hair embroidery is a particular technique practiced by lay Buddhist women to create devotional images, where embroiderers used their own hair as threads and applied them on silk to stitch figures. This video on the hair embroideries of Guanyin offers a window on this tradition.


Bestowed is an eco fashion brand based in Australia. Pushing the boundaries of eco fashion, Bestowed is 100% Australian made and uses only pure cotton fabrics, and is naturally vegan friendly.

Featured Collection – VOZ SS17

The VOZ collection or Spring Summer 2017 incorporates fluid silk chiffon and slipper satin, combined as always with traditional hand woven Machupe textiles from Chile.

Featured Video – Haute Culture: How do Monk’s Tie their Robes

This video short from Haute Culture shows how a traditional Buddhist monk ties his saffron robe.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: Knitting is Cool Again

Kestrel Jenkins connects with Alberto Bravo, Co-founder of We Are Knitters about the rise of the cool factor in the knitting & crocheting community, exploring whether knitting and crocheting are trending or if they are part of a lifestyle shift for people around the world.

Business of Fashion History – Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel

In the fourth instalment of BoF’s fashion history series, we meet the creator of the “little black dress,” who took her cues from a country in mourning.

Featured Fundraiser – HOPE

With a belief that clothing can only be beautiful if it is made that way, HOPE sources sustainable and eco-friendly materials, and designs are crafted under fair working conditions.

Lotusland Imports

Vancouver owned Lotusland Imports, is a curated ethical jewelry and accessories collection and website that showcases items produced with a conscience.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter; Celebrate Local

Kestral Jenkins chats with Rita Mehta, founder of The American Edit and host of the podcast Why Do We Have Things? Talking about Made In America, shopping styles, and how to find balance.

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Sass Brown showcases the best in cutting edge fashion with upcycled materials

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