Telling the stories of our
material connection
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Fashion4Freedom is a full production company created to serve as a responsible alternative to the current production and sourcing options.

Featured Item – Jessica Faulkner for Orange Harp

Fabulous wide leg pants 100% made in the USA by Jessica Faulkner for Orange Harp.

Clare Bare

Clare Bare is a Brooklyn based artist and designer specializing in eco-friendly lingerie made from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric.

Featured Image – Jan-Jan Ven Essche

Jan-Jan Van Essche’s global nomad collections embody a Buddhist minimalism, translated into a wonderfully wearable, moody men’s wear collection that never goes out of style.

Featured Item – Tanvi Kant

Fine hand crafted textile jewelry by Tanvi Kant, and her turquoise, vermillion and saffron series.

Featured Item – Dara Artisans Bhutan Textiles

A distinctive selection of artfully curated, museum-quality Bhutanese textiles from Dara Artisans.

Featured Video – PETA Investigation

A PETA investigation shows crocodiles crammed into concrete pits and slaughtered to make luxury accessories.

Featured Item – Longing for Sleep

Completely in love with Marit Ilison’s Resort 16 collection and the diversification of the collection.

Etwas Bags

Etwas Bags produce quality, hand made bags within a craft production system.

Annie + Jade

Annie + Jade produce a stylish ethical collection with a casual sophistication.

Featured Video – Luiz Antonio

This adorable Brazilian child tells his mother why he wont eat the meat on his plate.

Featured Video – Maiyet in Columbia

An intricate cuff bracelet from Maiyet, hand crafted by artisans in Medelin, Columbia.

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The Book: Refashioned

Sass Brown showcases the best in cutting edge fashion with upcycled materials

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