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Commentary and Critique – Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Two years since the tragic building collapse at Rana Plaza that killed 1,138, and injured 2,500 garment workers in Bangladesh, and the fund that was started to compensate the survivors remains $8 million dollars short.

Terra Urbana

Terra Urbana is a Slovenian sustainable high-end fashion label designed by Mateja Benedetti in partnership with graphic designer Sasa Kladnik.

Featured Video – Lognon

The Business of Fashion goes inside Gerard Longon, a pleating maison that is now part of Chanel subsidary Paraffection.

Featured Video – Massaro

The Business of Fashion goes inside Massaro, an iconic shoemaker that is part of Chanel subsidary Paraffection.

Featured Video – Lesage

The Business of Fashion goes inside Lesage, the world renowned embroidery maison that is now part of Chanel subsidary Paraffection.

featured Podcast – Mimi New York

Mimi Prober, designer at Mimi New York, talks about her work, and her unique brand philosophy that involves making old things new again.

Featured video – Björn Frantzén

Two-star chef Björn Frantzén interprets spring fashion for Nordiska Kompaniet made entirely out of fresh produce, food and flowers.

Worn Stories – Tamara Fogle Bag

Worn Stories by Emily Spivack is a series of stories revolving around our material connection to items in our wardrobe. This is one of a series of videos filmed at the BD+FA on individual worn stories.

Ecohabitude Interview

Consciousness in Clothing: an Interview with Sass Brown, courtesy of Ecohabitude.

Featured Video – Out of Fashion

Out of Fashion – a campaign for forest- friendly fabrics.

Featured Video – Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney sat down with The Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed to discuss how she built the world’s first sizeable sustainable luxury brand.


Coclico produce a subtle, architectural collection of understated shoes, carved from wood, cork and leather.

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Sass Brown showcases the best in cutting edge fashion with upcycled materials

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