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Wintervacht translated means winter fur, or winter coat, a fitting name for a brand that produces outerwear from recycled blankets.

Featured Kickstarter Campaign – Manakai

Manakai produce high-end, reversible swimwear made from recycled materials.

Featured Video – Selfridges Hot Air

This film explores the unseen relationship five women have with their bodies and their undergarments. Addressing contemporary notions of underwear apart from the sexualised advertising imagery.

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The Skunkfunk womenswear brands focus is respect for the environment and to the people that make their clothing.

Featured Video – H&M and M.I.A.

The H&M and M.I.A. celebration of sustainable style though music, and culminating in World Recycle Week from 18-24 April. Sadly in direct conflict with Fashion Revolution Week.

Featured Book – Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion offers creatives, entrepreneurs, and ethical consumers a glimpse into the innovative world of the eco-concept store movement, sustainable design, and business that puts people, livelihoods, and sustainability central to everything they do.

Featured Video – Dirt to Shirt

The journey of Carolina-made t-shirts, from local cotton harvest to fabric dyeing and printing. TS Designs produces the only trackable t-shirt, grown and made within 600 miles in the Carolinas.

Featured Kickstarter Project – Aehee

Kickstarter give you the opportunity to fund fledging creative concepts for the price of a premium cappuccino. Ahee by Juliane Park is a minimalist upcycled leather bag brand based in New York, and looking for your support.

Vintage Tunisian Textiles

Dara Artisans on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa an the exotic charm of vintage Berber weavings from the Southern Deserts.

Featured Collection – Urban Zen SS16

Calm in the middle of chaos, the Donna Karan Urban Zen Spring Summer 2016 collection.


Australian womenswear brand RANT produces modern clothing with an independent spirit. Guided by sustainable design principles, each garment is designed and made in its entirety, in Australia.

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