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Featured Image – Ana Srdic

Jewelry designer and anthropologist Ana Srdic produces bold unique pieces of wearable art from old world techniques combined with semi precious materials.


Cityzen is an emerging New York fashion brand created by Azin Valy. The co-founder of the award winning multi-disciplinary Architecture firm, I-Beam Design.

Featured Resource – Annie Oakley Waterman

With over a decade of experience working within the global artisan sector, Annie Oakley Waterman helps her client’s source socially responsible artisan products while cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships between buyers and artisans.

Yak Fiber from Norlha

Norlha produces luxury accessories and home products from Yak fiber in Tibet.

Hinterveld: Premium South African Mohair Tweed

Located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Hinterveld has quickly risen to become a leading producer of premium mohair products.

Featured Supplier – Camellia Fiber Company

Camellia Fiber Company produce a collection of luxury natural yarns in Nashville, Tennessee.

Featured Item – Elhadji Koumama

These traditional Tuareg earrings are made by the Koumama family collective from Agadez Niger from pure silver and colored glass.

Zarif Designs

Zarif Design is based in Kabul Afghanistan, where they employ and train 52 local Afghan men and women to practice handcrafted work.

Featured Video – The Butterfly Dress

Turkish design team Ezra and Tuba used Intel Edison to give their Butterfly Dress some extra wings whenever anyone gets too close.

Featured Item – Kancha

Lifestyle Accessories brand Kancha make designs from natural and locally sourced materials in Kyrgystan for urban nomads.

Katie Jones

Katie Jones spends as much as eighty hours working on a single jacket, Jones pieces together upcycled leather and denim to produce labor intensive, highly crafted fantasies of color.

Featured Video – Michelle Baggerman

Michelle Baggerman’s graduation project Precious Waste showed how a humble material like plastic bags can be reimagined into a beautiful repurposed material resource instead.

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