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Featured Video – The Next System Project

Introducing The Next System Project because its time to explore genuine alternatives and new models.

Featured Webinar – The Next System Project

The Next System Project proposes a new political and economic possibilities for the 21st century.

Bibi Hanum

Bibi Hanum creates traditional and contemporary clothing using hand woven ikat fabric from master craftsmen in Uzbekistan.

Featured Video – Patagonia Denim

Patagonia is out to change the denim industry,w ith thier new 100% organic cotton, reduce water dyed, fair trade made denim jeans.

Featured Video – The Sharing Economy

The third in the series of videos from teh Next System Project, this from Juliet Schor on the sharing economy; hyper-capitalism or sustainable alternative?

Featured Video – Inequality & Climate Crisis

The second of a series of videos from the Next System Project, this with economist Juliet Schor on inequality and climate crisis.

Featured Video – The Next System Project

The first of a series of videos by the Next System Project addressing timely and important issues, highlighting what is wrong with the exisiting systems, this video focusing on systemic racism by Angela Glover Blackwell.

Featured Infographic – Fishleather

How a fish leather handbag can be good for the ocean and your soul.

Featured Video – Unravel

This charming documentary short follows the journey of unwanted clothing aross northern india, where they are recycled back into yarn.

Featured Artist – Germen Crew

Germen Crew are a street art group that joined forces with the Mexican government to rehabilitate and brighten up the district of Palmitas in Pachuca.

Featured Film – Clothes to Dies For

Clothes To Die For is a documentary about the worst industrial disaster of the 21st century – the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh.

Featured Item – Baserange

A great soft cup bra with a wide elastic underband made by Baserange from organic bamboo.

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