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Featured Podcast – Kelly Okamura

A sensitive, considered podcast by Kelly Okamura on conscious consumerism, trends in the fashion system and framing substantive change for the good to a brand. Well worth the listen! Check out her website at

Featured Video – Amazon Watch

Keep the Oil in the Ground from Amazon Watch.

Featured Video – Sustainability and Fashion?

In recent years, the fashion industry has taken on the issue of sustainability with significant fervor and varying approaches. The paradox is that the nature of fashion is inherently contradictory to the basis of sustainability.

Featured Video – Catalysta State of the Art Part III

Catalysta State of the Art – The fashion industry has the power to make changes, but it’s consumers who will determine its rate of acceleration.

Featured Video – Fashion and the Greater Good Part II

Catalysta, State of the Art – Fashion and the Greater Good Part 2. What do our clothes cost the farmer who plants the cotton, the workers who stitch, the health of our planet?

Feature – Makers Row Projects

Makers Row Projects – software for product creation. Plan it through Projects. Send it to manufacturers. Get it produced locally!

Featured Video – Men of the Cloth

A documentary on Italian master tailors confronting the decline of the apprentice system in the twilight of their careers. For the full film

Featured Item – Upcycled Patagonia scarf

Hand sewn by Alabama Chanin, each distinctive Reclaimed Patagonia Down Scarf embodies the transformation of waste into art.

Featured Book – The Responsible Fashion Company

The Responsible Fashion Company presents an exploratory journey into the relationship between fashion and corporate responsibility, providing concrete examples of firms who have successfully integrated financial goals with social and environmental values.

Featured Video – Truth to Materials

Bernardo Calamai of Calamai Tech Fabrics talks about the reclaimed wool fabric his company has been making since 1878.

Climate Justice March – New York

More than 400,000 people showed up in the streets of New York on Sunday 21st September, 2014 – to voice the loudest, strongest, clearest call for action on climate change the world has ever seen.

Featured Video – Pay Up Campaign Video

The Pay Up campaign video in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster produced by Rainbow Collective, Clean Clothes Campaign, and International Labor Rights Forum.

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The Book: Refashioned

Sass Brown showcases the best in cutting edge fashion with upcycled materials

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