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Featured Collection – AGxRF


Rachel Freire, perhaps best known for her costume designs, and the now infamous cow nipple collection showcased at Estethica, as part of London Fashion Week in 2011, continues to push the boundaries of design through her work. Freire has always designed with a conscience, not afraid of controversy as a means of eliciting intelligent discussion, and demanding a response. As part of her ongoing intent to express principles and messages through her work, Freire collaborated with designer Alexandra Groover, on a collection of accessories made from Piñatex pineapple leather.


The capsule collection, AGxRF, was designed by Freire to compliment Groover’s timeless draped, zero-waste robes, while pushing the boundaries and limits of the material itself. Always up for a material challenge, Friere fashioned clutch bags, ipad cases, mini purses, gauntlets, a tote, and a neckpiece with a hidden pocket for a mobile phone, from the material. Designs are produced in both repurposed leather from her own studio and other designers she works with, or Piñatex, and complimented with heavy organic flannel, canvas and jersey.


The result of a synchronistic event, the pair received sampling of the new, and barely in production material direct from the producer, and turned designs, samples and even the photos around in a matter of days. Allowing the pair to experiment with this new material, the partnership created an interesting collaboration between a strict vegan organic designer and a leather specialist. Freire is happy to offer a directional alternative to leather with parallel properties, that does not pretend to mimic, and is not produced from petroleum, while continuing to work with her sustainably produced leather tannery Ecco. The collection offers a vegan alternative to leather, in the only way that Freire knows how, through eye catching pieces that push the boundaries of use.


Website: www.rachelfreire.com & www.alexandragroover.com