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Valentina Hoyos


Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Using natural materials found in the environment, and native seeds, Valentina Hoyos produces a collection of home and kitchenware’s that encompass rich textural materials. Made from sisal, vine, organic cotton and guadua, each item is based in local heritage crafts, produced with skill and care, and with a simple, modern aesthetic. Having spent over thirty years learning from indigenous cultures, the Valentina Hoyos collection celebrates tradition, craft, local materials, and simply great design.


Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Based in Columbia, items are produced without chemicals from cultivation through process. Production is a response, and in defense of a way of life that respects tradition, allowing dignity and fair payment for their craft. Simple bags are produced from a beautiful combination of knotting and weaving of natural materials, each realized in rich, natural earth tones, and beautifully textured. Sacs and bags are both tightly and loosely woven with knotted broad shoulder straps, or braided and knotted leather. Shapes range from flat and square to round and bucket shaped, varying is size, color and texture, creating a broad variety of expressions of this beautiful tradition.

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Beyond bags and totes, Valentina Hoyos produce incredible, rich, textured pillows, cushions, rugs and lounging pallets from sisal. Braded, woven, twisted and tied, the collection represents a broad array of interior and exterior home products, simple in design, but rich in expression. Baskets are woven from vines in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors from open mesh to tight simple weaves, and complex braiding, striped, chevroned, round, square, flat and bulbous, each one hand woven by the indigenous people of the Colombian jungle. Traditionally made for hunting and fishing, production is slow and laborious, with the material sourcing done by the men of the tribe, and the drying, cleaning and weaving done by the women.

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Finally simple, clean kitchen utensils are modern and sleek in design, as well as primitive in their simplicity and single material use. Made form local wood and bamboo, each one is richly grained. The collection covers an entire range of serving utensils, simple holders, boards, bowls and containers. The entire line is produced with respect for people and planet, while preserving traditions and lifestyles indigenous to the region.

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Photos by Mark Eden Schooley

Website: www.valentinahoyosaristizabal.com

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