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London based Akira specializes in indigenous, hand crafted, hand loomed accessories made in India. With a focus on hand weaving and block printing, the collection includes a rich diversity of stripes, prints and plains. Styles range from bohemian to elegant, and are made from conventional and hand spun cotton, as well as fine linen and khadi silk. Akira pride themselves on producing accessories for every occasion, to suit every aesthetic. The collection also includes a small range of clutch bags made from raw silk and row upon row of braids and trims. Dedicated to the support of artisanship, Akira’s unique accessories are inspired by art and architecture, and hand crafted by some of the finest craftsmen.

Website: www.akiralondon.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/londonakira

Instagram: www.instagram.com/akira_london

Twitter: @akira_megha