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Callina produce timeless, contemporary knitwear from the finest hand combed alpaca yarn. Alpaca fibers are sorted by the expert hands of artisans to ensure that only the highest quality of baby alpaca is selected. Forging mindful relationships that matter, Callina build long-term partnerships with master artisans to produce a collection that incorporates this exquisite fiber into stylish, cocooning softness, and modern styling. Made entirely from baby alpaca, a silky, soft and durable fiber, which is renowned for its thermal properties in the cold and breathability in the heat. The Callina collection is hand crocheted, hand knitted and hand loomed. Made by Peruvian artisans in the highlands, Callina support the Mirasol Project, a boarding school in the remote region of Puno, where the children of the alpaca shepherds can stay Monday though Friday to enable them to attend school regularly, something often impossible due to the long distances shepherds travel with their herds.

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