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Driven by their commitment to sustainability, CUS produce an eco friendly womenswear collection informed by environmental awareness. The quirky, casual collection has more than a hint of the bohemian, and features bright geometric prints, fluid silhouettes and comfortable wrapped and draped jersey dresses. Timeless and season-less, the CUS collection is designed to form the base of a lifelong wardrobe, not to be a fad that is enjoyed then discarded.

CUS exclusively source environmentally friendly fabrications, working with organic cotton and wool, farmed with no artificial fertilizer or pesticides, and naturally grown and fed sheep. Pre consumer recycled fibers and fabrics salvaged from the spinning, weaving, and cutting process, are also used in the line. CUS work with Xisqueta wool, from the Xisqueta sheep, native to the Pyrenees, helping to revitalize old local craftsmanship through local sourcing and production, from raw fiber collection through spinning and weaving. The brand also work with innovative, eco-friendly fabric sources from a wide variety of plants, proteins and recycled waste. CUS produce all their garments locally in Barcelona, in workshops that care about the well being of their workers, which results in high quality workmanship.

Website: www.cus.cat