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All Australian brand Edition, is an ongoing exploration into zero waste pattern cutting, with patterns running from selvedge to selvedge, thereby using the entire width of a fabric. The nexus of the collection starts with the meaning of place, and its interpretation into wearable clothing, which in turn, informs the design aesthetic of the brand. As part of the process of zero pattern cutting, there is an element of uncertainty to each design, as the final silhouette is determined through the development of the piece, and not the interpretation of a sketch. Through this process, the collection evolves into unique, multi functional garments, creating a new language with which to discuss the role of sustainable design and its importance in the fashion industry. Collections build upon one another, with the inspiration of her own wedding dress as the starting point. The collection explores the creation of more formal garments than are usually understood to be the outcome of zero waste pattern cutting. Edition work with classic 100% merino wool sourced from New Zealand, along with cotton and viscose. The exploration of materials and the female body influence the shape of the garments, revealing a new way of dressing for special events.

Website: www.editionalicesutton.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/edition