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Giuliana Testino

The sister of celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino, Giuliana Testino is an artist in her own right, producing a collection of complex knitted apparel in her native Peru. Inspired by the culture and the colors of her homeland, she developed a line of knitwear and accessories, all handcrafted, using the techniques of crochet, hand knitting, macramé, and embroidery. Testino’s emphasis is on the actual garment and not the collection, producing statement pieces that are timeless, and beyond trend. 

Offering handmade crocheted quality, crafted with keen attention to fine detail, Testino’s pieces are created in Peru, using raw materials that are indigenous to the country, such as alpaca and fine mercerized cotton.  Artisans live in and around Lima, many working from home to support their families.  Beyond producing knitwear, Giuliana Testino’s business has a strong focus on social responsibility.   Dedicating much of her business to education and training, Testino strives to give women the means and skills to escape poverty. In addition to employing women in the highlands and the outskirts of Lima, she also works with women in jail and correctional facilities offering a transitional path back into everyday society.

Website: www.giulianatestino.com/