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KORRA produce a classic tailored denim collection, iconic in its simplicity and utilitarian design. Each item is produced from start to finish by a single tailor, defying the factory production methods of faster cheaper, where a single machine operator does a single, repetitive function, day in, day out. By taking mass manufacturing out of denim jeans, and returning the tailoring, KORRA brings the user closer to the maker, while keeping the maker closer to his or her craft. Each item is signed by the individual tailor that made it, and accompanied by a unique number for complete traceability.

The collection is designed to be useful and durable, as well as true to the authentic denim heritage of workwear. Working exclusively with natural and recycled raw materials, KORRA source most locally. Denim jeans don’t have a minimum or maximum age range, and their customers encompass the broadest possible demographic, as well as geographic one, spread across more than sixteen countries. KORRA’s intent is “to build a brand that reaches users around the world”, as well as “build a sustainable model that is inclusive of the local talent and resources.” Leading to the brands tagline of ‘A Conscious Choice’.

Website: http://korra.in