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Renowned for their bright colorful prints, Marimekko produces a home collection, bags and clothing, all in their iconic brilliant, playful patterns and prints. Timeless, simple, wearable designs are transformed by the brilliance of their color palette. Named after an anagram of Armi Ratioa, the company’s founder and ‘mekko’, which means dress in Finnish, the collection is made from natural materials all produced locally in Finland.

Not specifically known as an eco brand, Marimekko’s fall winter 2014 collection featured a dress made from a completely new textile, made in collaboration with Aalto University. The ‘Allu’ dress, designed by Tuula Pöyhönen, is knitted from a loncell fiber produced form birch pulp from Finnish pulp mills. More ecologically sound than cotton; the fiber shows promise from a durability standpoint. Marimekko’s Head Designer, Noora Niinikoski was quoted as saying “we hope that we will soon be able to utilize this new material in our collections”.

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