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Pure Pod

Pure Pod is a Fair-trade life style clothing brand based in Australia. Striving to create a cleaner fashion industry, Pure Pod dream of transforming the industry with passion, and an ethical mandate as it pertains to people and planet. They strive to protect the people working in the industry by providing beautiful products, ethically designed, with a strong identity and a story behind them. Determined to be as transparent and traceable as possible in their manufacturing as well as sourcing practices, Pure Pod hope to act as an example that encourages the next generation of designers to think ethically. Their mission is in part educational, aimed at consumers, stockists and the industry at large, pushing them to consider the source of their purchases, and the impact they have, as well as to see the opportunity to support a cleaner and healthier planet.

Pure Pod have been on their ethical journey since 2007, designing a capsule collection of one off designs made for women who care about what they were, how it is made, and who made it. The brand invites their customers to share in their journey, to meet their collaborators and stylist, and learn how to shop more sustainably. The collection features clean lines with asymmetric and layered detailing. Simple silhouettes augmented with intriguing seaming and proportions.

The brand celebrates Australian fashion through their collections, each made ethically and locally, and with certified Fair-trade GOTS and FLO fabrications. The collection is made form premium sustainable materials, including organic cotton, denim, hemp, silk, bamboo Merino wool and soy. The predominately monochromatic line features subtle variations on a neutral color palette, from white, through off white and putty, to silver gray and black. Brilliant indigo supplies a pop of color throughout, and graphic and dynamic prints are augmented with dip dye and sophisticated tie-dye.

Website: https://purepod.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/purepodfashion

Facebook: www.facebook.com/purepod

Twitter: purepod.com.au

Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/purepod

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/190814228