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Established in 2012 by designer Suzan Dlouhy, SZN is an independent label designed and made in Australia. With a focus on simplicity and craftsmanship, SZN produce soulful and intelligent garments, refined through time, contemplation and work. SZN’s process is based in conceptual thinking, with the production process a journey and labour of love, resulting in each and every garment holding meaning. Every piece is touched by Dlouhy’s hand, forging a tactile memory with every piece. Every stitch is important, because every piece is hand made by Dlouhy herself. This hands on process allows for complete flexibility in making, often resulting in changes being made right up to the point of sale.

Styling is a result of a reductive pattern making processes, and in an effort to deliver a universal fit that caters to many body sizes at once, while delivering unique designs. The deceptively simple lines of a trapeze top conceal intriguing curved tucks, while side drapes can alternatively be slung over the shoulder to create billowing envelopes of volume. Almost monastic in style, smocks reveal billowing hemline pockets. Fabrics include hemp, organic cotton and organic wool. Additional denim pieces are patched together from upcycled jeans.

Website: www.szn.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SZNthelabel

Twitter: @SZNthelabel

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sznthelabel

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