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Teddy Rose

Teddy Rose make uncomplicated men’s and women’s casual clothing and T’s. The narrow product line centers on the iconic classic T-shirt, while focusing on razor sharp black and white graphic prints. Created by Zach Bogoshian in California, the collection is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt, after whom the collection is named. The 26th President of the United States, was a tireless conservationist, conscious of our impact on the earth, and known to be aggressive, brave and tireless. The company Teddy Rose honour that commitment by producing their premier capsule collection from 100% bamboo viscose and a bamboo Viscose and organic cotton blend. Soft, light and breathable, bamboo is a naturally sustainable fiber, with quick growth, uses minimal water and does not require pesticides.

The clothing is produced close to the source of the raw materials, in China, where the plantation is certified organic by Oeke-Tex Standard 100, as well as ISO certified. Teddy Rose partner with an LA company that owns thier own manufacturing facility in China, meaning they do not rely on subcontractors transparency, but instead take on the responsibility for worker safety, well being and fair pay themselves.

With a low buy in, the minimal funding goal on Indiegogo is $10,000 US, which would fund production costs. The company has a dream goal of $25,000 to fund, which would fund a totally transparent supply chain analysis from a third party certifier. Funding perks include graphic T’s, water bottles and plantable postcards. Teddy Rose also help support other eco-entrepreneurs crowdfund their campaigns from profits, directly on their own site.

Crowdfunding Campaign: www.indiegogo.com/projects/teddy-rose

Instagram: @teddyroseco

Facebook: facebook.com/teddyroseco

Twitter: @teddyroseco

Video: http://youtu.be/T-haP6JHpv4