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Husband and wife partners, Lily Chehrazi and Benedict Barrett hatched the concept of Together from the combination of Benedict’s hyper­-real photography, rooted in the mystical light of California, and Lily’s New York City fashion background. The vivid, kaleidoscopic photographic prints act as the main focus for a capsule collection of leggings, swimwear, crop tops and dresses.

The one ­of­ a kind wearable art prints, are a riotous explosion of cross­ coastal culture and creativity. With an insatiable lust for color, Together products are created with the safest and most sustainable manufacturing techniques available. With a mutual respect for humanity and planet, Together is committed to provide clothing that is both high-fashion and high-­tech. The brand works with recycled fibers, bamboo and organic materials, and collectively are working towards a brand ethos that is cool to care.

Website: www.togethercalifornia.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/together

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Together