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U-CLIFE is an upcycled material supplier and editor based in Normandy, France. Created in 2012 U-CLIFE sells carefully selected fabrics to designers and manufacturers of carefully patched and pieced post consumer waste. Considered a virtuous and innovative resource and the first editor of fabrics made of used clothing, the collection is innovative and perfectly aligned with current ethical trends.

Tons of clothing and accessories are collected throughout the world for recycling. From this unlimited resource, U-CLIFE selects and offers and exclusive range of patchworks to manufacturers to create their products. U-CLIFE’s collection offers a reduced ecological footprint that radically reduces the use of water, requires no chemical inputs and does not produce virgin materials. Offering authentic vintage materials, they rely on the concept of the second life of clothing, giving brands the opportunity to include vintage fabrics in their collection in a meaningful way. U-CLIFE offer a personalized response to each clients order, with exclusive access to Europe’s largest collectors of used clothing.

U-CLIFE’s vision is to minimize both the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry. The brand mission is “Being the virtuous and essential alternative to all fabrics made with new fibers.” The collection is made from 100% collected, sorted and cut clothing Assembled into patchworks, fabric options are unique and limitlessly customizable. Materials include denim and military fabrications, leather, suede, fur, cotton jersey and sweatshirt fabrications, printed woven linen, tweed, velvet silk and vintage home textiles. Textiles can be produced to specific widths as well as in your own choice of fabrications.

Website: www.u-clife.com