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What Daisy Did

‘What Daisy Did’ is a line of bags, purses, satchels and messenger bags made from things that ‘Daisy’ sources on her travels, and which in turn funds her travels. The bag materials are sourced from natural and wasted materials. Made in developing countries, ‘Daisy’ maintains a close relationship with the artisanal families that produce her bags. There is a rawness and naivety to the bags that speaks to their production, a sort of embracing of imperfection, simple function and joy of creation. Edges may be raw cut, with varying qualities and textures of leather all combined in a single bag. A refreshing change from the perfection of the designer ‘IT’ bags.

The collection of recycled leather bags are made from factory offcut leather that would otherwise have been wasted. Each bag is unique in finish and in color, with no two bags the same. The line of bags and oversized purses are a riot of color, with pouches, pockets, tabs and buckle straps all in broadly contrasting, vibrant colorations.

The Natural Leather Bag collection is produced from goat leather sourced in the Western desserts of India, and produced by selected artisanal families. Naturally sunlight tanned, they are produced without chemicals. The bags are double stitched, riveted and lined with canvas for strength. Waterproofed with natural oils, the bags are environmentally friendly, and will last a lifetime. The natural tanning process brings a wide variety of colorations to the leather, from light tan, to darkest chocolate brown, featuring individual patination that ranges from mottling to streaking and creasing, reflecting the natural inclinations of the leather itself.

Website: www.whatdaisydid.com
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