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Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Guatemala

After falling in love with Guatemalan craftsmanship during their collaboration with Tucker Robbins, the DARA team was eager to explore additional opportunities to connect with the country’s artisan community.

Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Iran

Dara Artisans explore early Persian artisanship through successive generations embracing sophisticated design and craftsmanship in a variety of different mediums and expressions.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: Transparency

Kestrel Jenkins discusses transparency in the fashion industry with Natalie Grillon and Shahd AlShehail, the cofounders of Project Just.

Featured Item – Everlane’s Black Canvas Bags

Everlane’s black twill collection of bags, backpacks and totes made from 100% cotton twill and black leather.

Featured Item – Everlane

Protect what you love with Everlane’s twill tablet cases. Great gifting idea!

Featured Item – Everlane

Its sweater season, and here is the pick of the day, Everlane’s Slouchy Cashmere Tunic, from 100% A grade Mongolian cashmere.

Featured Podcast – Kelly Okamura

A sensitive, considered podcast by Kelly Okamura on conscious consumerism, trends in the fashion system and framing substantive change for the good to a brand. Well worth the listen! Check out her website at

Featured Book – Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion

Routledge Handbook of Sustainability explores fashion and sustainability at the levels of products, processes, and paradigms and takes a truly multi-disciplinary approach to critically question and suggest creative responses to various issues.

Featured Video – The Fashion Lifecycle

The EcoChic Design Award 2013 – The Fashion Lifecycle.


Everlane’s tag line is “Beautiful basics. Radical transparency. No middlemen”, which pretty much says it all.

Featured Item – Everlane

This structured leather pouch is produced at a small production facility in Spain with a long tradition of leather making. Everlane are known for high quality basics and a transparent supply chain.

Featured Video – Angora

BBC World News discusses unethical treatment of Angora rabbits in the fashion industry’s manufacturing stages.

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