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Greg Lauren


Greg Lauren’s eponymous collection of men’s and womenswear is made entirely from upcycled materials. With a focus on decommissioned military textiles such as US army tents, he also works with cub scout uniforms, blankets, denim and parachutes. The wrapped, twisted, torn and patched collection has a Mad Max meets global nomad vibe, each item expertly tailored and pieced, and each by default entirely unique.


Working with iconic American materials, his aesthetic is never the less more reminiscent of a European sensibility, referencing the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and the Atwerp Six. Vintage and futuristic nihilistic theme’s run through each collection, with shoeshine and paperboy’s from turn of the century, urban warriors, and futuristic heroes and underdogs.


Known for his role in the Young and the Restless and a range of high profile films, Lauren is also a fine artist of note, who’s nude paintings command up to $15,000 each, and are collectors items with a host of celebrities. He was also the cover artist for DC Comic Vertigo, and is now carving an important high profile niche for himself in ucycled design, an arena populated entirely by small emerging designers up till now. Color palette’s are dictated by the nature of the materials, with military green and indigo denim blue dominating, with black, earth and flashes of brilliant orange and white acting as striking flashes of color.


Website: www.greglauren.com

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