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Mayer Peace Collection

Christine Mayer is the designer behind the Mayer Peace Collection, which represents the fusion of fashion, charity and the transformation of recycled materials.  The collection is comprised of beautifully crafted and tailored jackets and coordinating separates.  Strict retro military cut jackets hark back to Napoleonic lines, and are combined with sleeves crafted from humble milk maid cross stitched aprons and asymmetric tea towel skirts.

Working with antique flour sacks from the mid1850’s, hand woven linen and artistic cross stitched embroidery patterns in striking red on a white ground, reminiscent of hand embroidered table linen or your grandmothers decorative armchair protectors and combined with rough, hard wearing linens and mattress ticking. All combine to make up the raw materials that are the Mayer Peace Collection. Each piece is meticulously chosen, pieced and tailored into a Russian army or Napoleonic style military jacket and paired with Provencal style linen table cloth skirts or layered over urban khaki military low crotched and multi patched and pocketed pants and worn with jack boots.

The collection is rounded out with a patch worked recycled denim jeans grouping with inventively pieced waistbands, pockets and yokes, forming entirely new feminine pieces, strictly tailored jackets and slouchy, low slung pants.  Taking wonderful advantage of the myriad of shades in washed and worn denim to create variations in tone and color within a single piece.  The collection also incorporates combat military pieces, multi-pocketed and tabbed and bringing a decidedly urban feel to balance out the feminine white linen coordinates. With a focus on expressing contrasts within her collections, Christine Mayer merges robust looks, elaborate embroidery, feminine fits and exceptional cuts, forming a unique aesthetic, and making a harmonious, poetic unity.

This Berlin designer label has experienced international growth, with many exclusive fashion stores picking up the collection, which enjoys a following from many international artists, including Susan Sarandon, Donata Wenders, and singer Judith Holofernes.

Every garment is made by hand, and as a result, individual and unique. Each material holds its own history, with Christine Mayer’s intention to sense the stories of they’re past lives, before repurposing them with a creative and positive transformation. The resulting combination of rough materials and feminine fit, characterize the Mayer Peace Collection, with a portion of profits benefiting various children’s charity projects in Nepal and India.

Website: www.mayer-berlin.com

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