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Sequoia Lab article on Felting

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Lithuanian brand Vilte, has been experimenting with felting techniques since 2006, and specializing in innovative and modern felting realized through a wide variety of all natural materials.

Selene Giorgi

Somewhere between a cocoon and a butterfly, or a cloud and an angel, Selene Giorgi’s exquisite one off creations flutter and float around the body, simultaneously covering and revealing through sheer layers of crushed pure silk organza.

Christine Birkle

Christine Birkle, the owner of fashion label “Hut up” in Berlin, has caught the attention of such fashion luminaries as Dries van Noten and Matheo Thun. She is renowned for her creations, which are completely hand crafted with traditional felting and blocking methods.

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel is a California based sculptor and installation artist, whose work is an ongoing experiment and exploration in living as it relates to shelter, food, furniture and clothing, and is in response to her daily routines and surroundings.

Elena Garcia

The Elena Garcia collection has a romantic flavor tinged with a Victorian sensibility. Designs are labor intensive, with a particular focus on indigo dyes, traditional shibori dye techniques, and intricate cut work applications.

Francoise Hoffmann

Expert in a highly specialized area of textile art, Francoise Hoffmann creates original textiles out of nuno felt, an amalgam

Pat Hopewell

Pat Hopewell’s journey in textiles began as a lingerie designer in Nottingham, and took her through many years working in