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Lithuanian brand Vilte, has been experimenting with felting techniques since 2006, and specializing in innovative and modern felting realized through a wide variety of all natural materials. Vilte Kazlauskaite is the name of the artist, and Vilte the name of the line, which in a fateful linguistic turn of destiny, is also the Dutch word for felt, well almost, its “vilt” (without the e) actually.

Revealing the broad versatility of felt, Vilte creates air, light, sensual and sophisticated designs through nuno felting and a combination of various materials, from softest alpaca, fine Australian merino wool, hand-spun Indian silks, gauze and silk chiffon. Each one of the diaphanous and multi-textured wearable art pieces are unique and one of a kind. Natural plants and flowers form the base of the naturally dyed materials, adding another layer to the uniqueness of the work, with no two print, pattern or dyes exactly the same as another.


Styling ranges from thick, fiber rich cocooning kimonos, to sheer, revealing, diaphanous evening pieces, each one is completely handmade using only water, sustainable and renewable materials and green soap. Vilte’s designs have a sense of poetry and whimsy to them, communicated entirely through their subtle, complex, textured and layered use of fiber and fabric. Entirely seamless, pieces are formed and molded by hand without the need for seaming or darts. A master crafts person, Vilte designs are more than exquisite examples of artisanship, they are beautiful, timeless wearable pieces of art that are as contemporary as they are unique.


Website: www.vilte.net


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