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Naomi Maaravi


Dutch eco designer Naomi Maaravi creates clothes, art and tells stories. Her individualistic recycled, redesigned collection blends art and fashion, with storytelling captured in the identity of each and every design. Designed from an optimistic perspective, each of Maaravi’s designs are created with respect for people and the environment. Her collection is conceived from high-end collected materials, which she blends to create a new garment with a new story, all its own. Often working with donated materials from a client, she creates something new and original from something old and worn.

The story of Maaravi’s collection began ten years ago when she made her first piece for her daughter, created from a pair of worn out jeans of her husbands. Maaravi’s own story predates this first creative expression of her ethos, as this was her father’s way. A man who threw nothing away, ever, creating instead a new world out of things that had no value left to anyone else. A true upcycler, long before the term was coined. Maaravi grew up in a home where milk bottles were crafted into lamps, string was refashion into a carpet and old appliances became interesting new useful objects. Her father taught her that every item, no matter how old or broken had an identity, a soul, and a story, which he continued through his inventive reuse. Maaravi’s first clothing creation for her daughter was her way of continuing those stories, and the lessons from her father.

Tucked away on a stylish street in Tel Aviv, Israel, Maaravi’s boutique is home to art, fashion and story telling, told through love and passion, and through her very personal language of creative upcycling. Maaravi combines her own textile collections, all made in Israel, with those precious items donated by customers that bear sentimental value, but have outlived their current life. She stays true to every garments specific identity, with each piece entirely unique. Telling the stories of how it was used, how it has been restored and how it will be worn again, all through her skilled material use. Her aesthetic is avant-garde, entirely unique and has an eclectic sense of style all its own.

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