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Anita Hirlekar

Icelandic designer Anita Hirlekar is a graduate from Central Saint Martins, and based in London. Gaining experience at Christian Dior Couture as well as Diane Von Furstenberg, Hirlekar gained valuable industry experience. Fascinated by traditional craft techniques, Anita creates a poetic but modern collection through hand crafted fabrics. Working with traditional nuno felting, she incorporates unprecedented large swathes of draped fabric alongside crushed and pleated fabrications and lace inserts to create voluminous statement pieces.

Inspired by the artwork of Rothko and Richter, Hirlekar frequented art galleries in London and New York, finding inspiration in the raw boldness of their abstract art. Identifying commonalities between the raw bleakness of Icelandic landscape and the broad brushstrokes of abstract art, Hirlekar constructs her own creations as homage to both, with broad slashes of raw color and wide white expanses of fabric undulating from colored stroke to colored stroke. The organic volume of her work is strikingly avant-garde and modern.

Incorporating the fabric shrinkage from nuno felting, the base fabric generates gathers, drapes and fullness, which could not be introduced through any other means. Creating complex textural wholes that undulate from felting to sheer draped silk, to cloche’ like layering and lace. The complex textural architecture of her work is balanced beautifully by the simple bold stokes of color throughout.

Website: http://anitahirlekar.co.uk

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