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Berlin based Aluc was founded in 2010, as a result of a meeting with renowned British upcycling brand, From Somewhere. Inspired by the upcycling model, the founders established their own label based on reclaiming the textile industry’s waste. Aluc see upcycling as an efficient way of utilizing resources, while producing great clothes.The brand hope to offer a realistic, and stylish alternative to the mainstream, where collateral damage through production can often mean long transport routes, exploitation of workers, and exponential waste.


The collection is based around the classic, slim fit, European men’s and women’s shirt. Styles are produced with a removable collar to both extend the shirts life, as well as offer versatility in style.  As each design is produced from industrial waste, items are limited in quantity, or entirely unique. quality cotton shirting is sourced locally in Austria and Switzerland, while buttons are recycled.  Their own left over fabric is reimagined into a range of bags, wallets, smart phone cases and scarves, all produced thorugh a shelter in Berlin. Designs are produced in a socially responsible manner, many in collaboration with local sheltered workshops, providing work and a safe environment for people with disabilities.


Now entering their fourth year,the brand is ready to take the next step and increase production, with the intent of becoming a real alternative to traditionally produced men’s shirts. To that end Aluc launched a fundraising campaign through Start Next. Hoping to raise just 15,000 Euro, Aluc aims to reward investors with shirts made from existing fabric stocks, while using the funding to purchase new leftover textiles, for a new collection.


Website: www.aluc.eu