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Naja produce a line of “Lingerie for smart, courageous women”, a sexy, playful and slightly rebellious collection of high quality bra’s and knickers, meticulously crafted and fairly priced. Highly technically manufactured, lingerie includes unexpected details such as memory foam cups, and ultrasonic sealed bra straps. Naja9

The collection subdivides into capsules, each with a theme, such as Talavera Blue, inspired by the richness of Mexican folklore, and incorporating Puebla tile patterns, and traditional embroidery prints. Other inspirations include Andalusia, and their renknown for Spanish mantillas, thought in turn to have been inspired by the Muslim women of North Africa.  There are a total of eight different sub collections, each with its own distinct style and aesthetic.


Thoughtfully selected fabrications include high quality Peruvian Pima cotton, fine nylon lace, and memory foam that molds to your body.  With a commitment to women beyond the creation of their collection, Naja partners with Golondrinas Foundation through Underwear for Hope. The undertaking supports single mothers by teaching them marketable sewing skills. Naja then employ them to sew their lingerie bags that come with every purchase. Ultimately leading to “Buy a bra, give a single mother work.” Making Naja lingerie lingerie with a greater purpose.


Website: http://www.naja.co