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Tom of Holland’s wonderful website is a delight for slow fashion enthusiasts. His work is firmly embedded in contemplative tradition with a focus on the traditions of mending, repairing and hand knitting. His appreciation for history, as well as culturally specific creative expressions of hand knitting and darning is perhaps beyond compare. Not an academic by background, his research and writing is never the less a valuable and important documentation of personal practice and the historic and cultural context that inspires it.


His blog, much like his practice is not on a production schedule, instead he posts when he has completed a new project, researched a tradition, or collaborated with another practitioner. A self taught practitioner based in Brighton, UK, he works predominately with wool to create and repair knitted objects, often articles of clothing. Specializing in slow projects, he fully explores the time consuming nature of his work to gain a deep understanding of material qualities and the traditional techniques he uses.

TomOfHolland7slowWith an interest in sustainability as well as the rich British textile history, Tom explores the boundaries of the beginning and end of life of woolen garments. By exploring the relationship between garment and wearer, Tom explores his own preference for the old and imperfect over the new and perfect.


His Invisible Mending Programme seeks to highlight the relevance of craft of clothing repair, as contemporarily relevant in a world where people voice dissatisfaction with fashion’s throwaway culture. By exploring the story behind garment and repair, the Programme reinforces the relationship between the wearer and garment, leading to people wearing their existing clothes for longer, with a beautiful darn displayed as a badge of honor.


Tom writes a blog, runs darning workshops, and takes repair work commissions, showing by example that shop-bought clothing deserves care and attention, just as much as hand made items. Tom volunteers at the Brighton Repair Café, who meet once a month to support those looking to repair their stuff. He also posts his own patterns on Ravelry


Website: https://tomofholland.com

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