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Vincetta, is a Brooklyn based fashion brand that celebrates individuality and female empowerment. Designing for the modern woman, the brand have a refined and timeless sense of style. Pronounced pronounced Vin–se-tah, the name means to prevail, to win or to conquer.

Designs are bold, with a clean, sharp silhouette, and incorporate unexpected pleats, volume and detail. With a predominately neutral and understated palette, is expressed through natural materials including, wool, silk and Rayon. With careful attention to detail, the brand emphasizes craftsmanship, with each piece hand stitched, to adhere to the principle of personal perfection.

Designed to celebrate female beauty, regardless of shape age or size, the brand pride themselves on fit, quality and function. The transitional collection works with your lifestyle, starting as a vision, and emerging into a bold, statement design with a story and purpose in every thread.

Website: http://vincettastudio.com