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Bestowed is an eco fashion brand based in Australia. Pushing the boundaries of eco fashion, Bestowed is 100% Australian made and uses only pure cotton fabrics, and is naturally vegan friendly. With a minimal environmental footprint, all production is done locally including pattern making, cutting, and sewing all of their work within a 30 kilometer radius of their studio on the outskirts of Brisbane.


The organic cotton used in the collection is certified organic, and produced to the highest environmental standards. The knit fabric is milled in Australia with each item pre-washed in rainwater. The brand also strive to be zero waste, and generate their own solar power.


Bestowed’s creators, Jason and Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky, are also partners in the clothing brand Rant Clothing, as well as Sustainable Fashion, a multi brand online ethical resource where both brands are commercially available. The collection is easy wear, and designed to be mixed and match. Designed as the perfect travel wardrobe, items can be easily washed and air-dried, and do not require ironing. bestowed2

The unstructured collection combines simple wearable pieces with interesting cuts and proportions that perfectly blend through layering and intermixing. The sophisticated and understated palette revolves around putty, anthracite, indigo, charcoal, slate, dove grey, petrol, and of course black, all beautifully interacting and contrasting and accenting each other.


Website: www.bestowedclothing.com