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Good Apparel

Good Apparel is the name brand collection of US based manufacturer, the Good Clothing Company. Dedicated to re-shoring the US apparel industry, the manufacturer focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. The Good Apparel collection is released every two months, in a limited edition of styles, thereby defying the traditional seasonal calendar of production. The brand use only locally sourced and sustainable materials to produce their line. By producing in small batches, Good Apparel are able to avoid excessive waste and overproduction by only producing in small batches to meet demand. All styles are developed and manufactured in-house, reducing their carbon footprint.

Good Apparel fairly pay US workers as a core value of their brand. Their mission is to create a model of production that allows the environment, staff and the customer to benefit. Inspired by the opportunity to use sustainable manufacturing while working with a talented team, they create a brand that marries mission and aesthetics.

The brands aesthetic grew out of the concept of clean lines and quality clothing built to last a lifetime. Classic but contemporary designs feature edgy details and cuts for a youthful, body conscious collection produced in understated monochromatic colorations that easily cross coordinate.

Website: www.weargoodapparel.com