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Karen Lee

Karen Lee creates a women’s clothing brand under her own name, with simple, clean, sophisticated lines. The classic architectural shapes work with volume and silhouette, as well as unusual and asymmetric twists, drapes and envelope like folds. The styling is comfortable, flattering, and highly individual. Lee’s main focus is on creating quality, well made clothing that flatter all body types and transcend age, shape and culture, encouraging the wearer to bring their own sense of individuality and style to the expression of her work. Clearly Lee’s works is not trend driven, but designed for longevity, and to last for years.

Fabrics are carefully selected, and production is all done locally in Canberra, where she creates small trans seasonal collections. Color stories are subdued and monochromatic, making for easy coordination and layering. Prints are simple and graphic.

Lee grew up making her own clothes, taking her Bachelors degree in Fashion Design at the Canberra Institute of Technology in Australia. Joining the label 4 Minutes 33 in 2013, Lee opened a collaborative retail studio space. She has participated in major red carpet fashion events in Australia, and now owns her own retail store in Canberra called the Assemblage Project where she sells her own work alongside that of other sustainable independent designers from Australia and beyond.

Website: www.karenlee.net.au