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Ecouterre – 15 Eco Fashion Books that Uncover the Garments Industries Dirtiest Secrets

5 Eco Fashion Books that Uncover the Garments Industries Dirtiest Secrets including Eco Fashion Talk.

Ecouterre 2017 Predictions

The annual Ecouterre ethical fashion predictions from 45 ethical fashion leaders around the world.

The Upcycled Fashion Store

Some long lost press from September 2014, when I had my email hacked, now just rediscovered. A belated thank you to The Upycling Fashion Store – still going strong!

Mother Nature Network

How to Choose Clothes That Last by Starre Vartan for Mother Nature Network, is a timely article on spending wisely on clothing purchases to ensure they last and continue to bring you pleasure through years to come.

Lemuria Experience

Lemuria Experience is a series of features on customers that align with the brand DNA of the company, women with a meaningful message, strength of character, and who wear Lemuria.

Source Network Quickfire Q&A


Selvedge Magazine

An article by Sass Brown on ethical fashion alternatives for Selvedge Magazine.

A Green Beauty

A Green Beauty is an environmentally conscious web & print publication that focuses on ethical and sustainable culture, holistic health and non-toxic fashion & beauty alternatives.


SLOWFASHIONUY, is a new Uruguayan blog on slow fashion, and a lovely feature on my first book Eco Fashion, or Eco Moda in Spanish where it was published by Art Blume.

Made Lokal

Made Lokal Dreams: Sass Brown, Writer, Curator, Speaker and Educator on Ethical Fashion, and interview.

Able Made

Take a Stroll with Eco Fashion Author and Sustainability Expert, Sass Brown from Able Made, and active lifestyle brand that inspires healthy living.

Noveaux Magazine

Fashion’s Favorite Funky Fasce: Sass Brown from Noveaux Magazine – Germany, 1st May, 2016.

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