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Featured Video – Kasuri Weaving

The beautiful tradition of Kasuri weaving from Kurume, Japan. This traditional hand weave textile is made by tying and dying vertical and horizontal lengths of cotton or silk fiber, when woven together create a diffused pattern.

Featured Video – BoF Diversity and Inclusivity

A discussion on diversity and inclusion between the president of IMG Models Ivan Bart, mixed-race model Joan Smalls and transgender American actress and model Hari Nef, as part of Business of Fashion Voices.

Featured Video – The Importance of Conscious Consumerism

Blythe Metz in conversation with ecoSkin designer and CEO, Sandy Skinner talking about the impact the textile industry has on pollution and the alternatives we have available.

Featured Video – Stitching Wisdom

Hair embroidery is a particular technique practiced by lay Buddhist women to create devotional images, where embroiderers used their own hair as threads and applied them on silk to stitch figures. This video on the hair embroideries of Guanyin offers a window on this tradition.

Featured Video – Haute Culture: How do Monk’s Tie their Robes

This video short from Haute Culture shows how a traditional Buddhist monk ties his saffron robe.

Featured Video – The Nomad’s Ger

A quicktime video showing the efficiency of a Mongolian nomads traditional yurt, built in under 2 hours, and recorded by Daniel Grossman.

Featured Video – Annemarie O’Sullivan

Annemarie O’Sullivan’s passion is in all things woven, knotted and netted. She makes baskets, transferring the traditional skills of basket making into larger woven forms.

Featured Video – Georges Hobeika

Precious handiwork and Haute Couture craftsmanship come together to create Georges Hobeika’s Fall winter 2016/17 collection.

Featured Video – Frontline Fashion

The trailer for Redress’ very first feature-length documentary, now available on iTunes. Every purchase supports their work in cutting waste out of fashion!

Featured Video – Harris Tweed

Beautiful Harris Tweed from the Scottish Hebrides – the fabric of fashion.

Featured Video – Eco Fashion Tips

Eco Fashion Tips 101 from My Green Closet – a basic, straight forward how-to guide for anyone wanting to know where to find and buy sustainable and ethical clothing.

Featured Video – Kowtow

A moving and evocative fashion video for Gosia Piatek’s New Zealand ethical brand, KowTow with music from Castle by Halsey.

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