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Apoccas is a socially conscious accessories brand that works directly with Thai master weaving traditions to produce a collection of luxury organic cotton and peace silk shawls, wraps and scarves. Showcasing the artisanal skills from Northern Thailand, Apoccas are redefining luxury through the rich craft tradition of hand weaving.

Apoccas, which means ‘ancient power’ is a long-term commitment to ethically produced hand-woven textiles. Working with individually chosen village weaving communities, Apoccas work directly with the artisans to ensure the designs they produce fit their skill set as well as the yarns of the region, to ensure only the best work.

Following a simple philosophy, Apoccas combine ancient wisdom with luxurious and soft natural materials including cashmere, cotton and silk. The brand follow strict principles of sustainability and social responsibility, that include fair trade and carbon offsetting, they also reinvest a percentage of profits back into the rural communities to help foster traditional craftsmanship.

In addition to wraps and scarves, the brand also produce a simple collection of beaded necklaces and prayer bracelets from semi precious stones and hand knotted silk cords, with silver or gold findings. Each item is imbued with the spiritual meaning of the stone, from amethyst to Obsidian, designed to bring comfort, strength and healing depending upon the qualities of the individual stones.

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