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Raven + Lily

Raven + Lilly was conceived with a mission to empower women through design partnerships and sustainable economic opportunities.

Featured Video – Falling Whistles

The whistle, as a symbol of protest, comes from a story of children too small to carry guns, sent to the front lines by rebel groups in the Congo, armed only with a whistle.

Commentary and Critique – Jewelry From War

Jewelry from War; shrapnel necklaces, cufflinks from weapons, bags from bombs and whistles for peace, a wide range of jewelry and accessories exist, made from weapons of destruction, as a means to draw attention to atrocities around the globe, and to promote peace.

Featured Video – Alabama Chanin Portraits in Creativity

Portraits in Creativity by Gael Towey, a series of beautiful and evocative short films that document artists and their inspirations.

Featured Item – Keren Mekler

Keren Mekler produces eco friendly jewelry from upcycled bicycle inner tubes.

Featured Item – Org by Vio new Kusa Collection

The Kusa Collection for ORG by Vio, is an exquisite hand made collection of multiple stranded black and rust brown seed necklaces and bracelets.

Featured Image – Michelle Lowe-Holder

From the Fall Winter 2014 collection of Michelle Lowe-Holder, entitled Minted. Website:

Featured Image – Org by Vio

This wonderful image is from Violeta Vilacorta, and her work with tribal people in the Peruvian rain forest. This with the Awajun people, where she just completed a creative workshop with the tribe, as they build a beautiful new colllection incorporating the beauty and tradition of their heritage.

Featured video – Kanthaka and Walka

Kanthaka clothing and Walka jewelry from Santiago, Chile.

ORG by Vio

ORG by Vio create beautiful, bohemian, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories, and clothing, handmade by indigenous Amazonian artisans.

Featured Item – Michelle Lowe-Holder

A stunning image from Michelle Lowe-Holders Spring Summer 2014 collection entitled “Fusion”. Michelle is one of the amazingly talented designers I featured in my book ReFashioned for working with recycled ribbons.

Featured Image – Maiyet

Maiyet is pioneering a new luxury by creating a fashion that celebrates rare artisanal skills from unexpected places.

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