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CeaNuda tramas

Cecilia Morgado is a woman of many talents. I first met when she invited me to a wonderful vegetarian, organic meal at her home in Valparaiso, Chile. A true creative who can funnel her creation in many different directions, she now produces a quirky collection from salvaged knits and hand weaving, cobbled together into a quirky whole, all with a creative sense of humor and an off kilter sense of style, under the label CeaNuda tramas. Morgado’s approach to texture through all her myriad of mediums is through line drawing, the combination and joining together of which, produces volume. A technique she has used to teach graphic design, fashion design, food design, and even for exhibit and event design.

Born into a family that gave a great deal of significance to natural fibers, particularly those that come in contact with the skin, Morgado is cognizant of her ancestral heritage, and the aesthetic meaning given to hand woven textiles. Challenged to find innovative ways of working with hand looming, she found it through combining it with discarded European pure wool sweaters that would otherwise be discarded. CeaNuda is a modern, urban collection of multi functioning women’s accessories, whose character is determined by her handloom, and the color, thickness and texture of the wool she uses. CeaNuda designs are hand made, each one unique produced in Morgado’s home atelier, many finished with crochet and hand knit, as well as hand looming and sweater scraps. Each piece has multiple uses; poncho’s can also be worn as skirts, or over skirts. CeaNuda tramas, the name of the collection means the joining together of threads as it is expressed phonetically in Spanish.

Website: http://ceanuda.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ceanuda

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/ceanuda