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Fonderie 47

Fonderie 47 makes cufflinks from weapons; jewelry made from Africa’s decommissioned rifles. Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the long-standing violent conflict has killed almost 4 million people, and garnered recognition as the world’s most lethal conflict since World War II. Fonderie 47 diverts and converts confiscated AK47 assault rifles into glittering jewelry. Partners Peter Thum and John Zapolski founded Fonderie 47 in 2009, because of their shared concern over the existence of an estimated twenty million assault rifles in Africa. The duo decided to create something compelling and substantial in response to these “cheap and abundant” instruments of violence. Enlisting the services of two master jewelers, Fonderie 47, created a beautifully crafted line of cufflinks, which can be assembled to form a bracelet, rings and earrings. The company has removed over 6,000 rifles to date, raising funds that finance non-governmental organizations such as Mines Advisory Group, tasked by the Congo’s government to demolish the weapons.

Website: www.fonderie47.com