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Little Hill People

Little Hill People is a digital platform that markets and distributes hand made accessories and bags produced with ethically sourced traditional, North East Indian materials. Each design supports and empowers Indian tribal artisans, providing safe working conditions and a stable income.

Inspired by the traditional hand crafted designs, and cultural patterns of the area, Little Hill People combine contemporary London styling to produce a range of classic tote bags, clutches and messenger bags. Working with a range of materials including cow and buffalo leather, hand woven textiles, and tribal shawls.

Founder Stacey Aydeniz, born in Shilong in North East India, was raised on a diet rich in culture and craft. Her grandmother’s loom is woven throughout her childhood memories, and the inspiration behind Little Hill People, founded in 2011 as a way to express her culture in a fun, hip and eco friendly way.

The website features an inspirational blog about the various cultures of North East India and how they influence Western trends, as well as an online Ecommerce site.

Website: http://littlehillpeople.com

Google+: https://plus.google.com/109448744351452249002/posts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/littlehillpeople

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stacey.aydeniz

Twitter: @Little_hill_ppl

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/Littlehillpeople

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/stacey-aydeniz/67/39/b84