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1×1 is a clothing brand with a mission to create modern pieces with a unique and timeless sense of style. Eschewing the usual seasonal cycle of collections, 1×1 select their favorite wardrobe staples, releasing them one at a time to create a succinct and highly curated range of minimal seasonless designs that aspire to cult status. This unique approach allows them to focus on what they care most about, taking the time to design and develop the best possible products, made locally. With sustainable thinking and a commitment to support local manufacturing, 1×1 source ecologically responsible materials whenever possible. The brand work with partners such as Imperial Stock Ranch, whose are committed to the sustainable production of woolen textiles. Producing in the Los Angeles area allows 1×1 the ability to exert much tighter control and oversight over production from start to finish. Building long-term partnerships, One by One value their manufacturers expertise, and product creation capabilities.

Website: https://1×1.la

Facebook: www.facebook.com/1×1.la

Instagram: www.instagram.com/1×1.la