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RE/DUN was born of the idea that modern denim should not be devoid of personality, and that jeans deserve to be more than a wardrobe staple. RE/DUN were driven to explore the history of quality American-made denim, through discovering preloved, worn in, worn out vintage jeans, visiting vintage rag houses, and reinventing them.

Every pair of RE/DUN jeans is handpicked and admired for its one-of-a-kind wear, its artfull fade, and history. Each pair once found, is mercilessly deconstructed, and transported to a local Los Angeles warehouse, where it is resewn into a new timeless silhouette. Launched with one body-skimming slim fit, modern skinny style, and one slouchy, boyfriend relaxed fit, quantities are seriously limited, as each style is handpicked, hand cut, and distinctly one of a kind.

Made in Knoxville Tennessee, these jeans fit differently than the stretchy, skintight mass-produced skinnies that invaded the market. Already pre-worn and preloved, the jeans still need some personal wearing in, to make them truly your own.

Jeans have always been the uniform of the independent, the hard worker, the rebel, and those that play rough. The blue collar toiler, the free spirit, the road tripper and the troublemaker. Denim is the fabric of their life, and the sun fading, ripped knees and frayed pockets, are as unique as the individuals that put them there. RE/DUN jeans have a vintage character and a modern fit.

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