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Austrian label MILCH produce a women’s collection from upcycled classic men’s wear suitings.  Their urban aesthetic has a quirky playfulness to it with upturned men’s pants turned into a woman’s shift dress, the waistband forming the pulled in hem.  A mans pinstripe cotton shirt, becomes a wrapped and tied woman’s skirt with the sleeves forming the ties.  A pretty cap sleeved top with ruched neckline is made from a crisp man’s white shirt; decidedly feminine and a lovely counterbalance coordinated with the masculine tailored wool skirt pants.  Labeled the “trouser dress collection” MILSCH hijacks classic men’s fashion and transforms it into a new modern collection for women.


Working with only the best discarded men’s wear the collection is entirely sourced and produced in Vienna, in an ethically and sustainable fashion.  With environmental and social considerations taken into account throughout production, MILCH work with natural fibers, with all production done under fair trade working conditions.  The label also produces a range or quirky bags and hats made from suite pockets and other unlikely components of men’s suits.


Established by Priscilla Baumgartner in1998, originally under the label MILK, the brand has won several awards in the field of sustainability and innovation.  Sold at YPPIG Eco Fashion Showroom in Wien, Austria, open to the public every Saturday, along with MILCHMANN, soon to be available in fair trade organic cotton, the showroom also features other guest designers.

Website: http://milch.mur.at/