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Sandar Wassink


Dutch artist and designer, Sander Wassink challenges us to revaluate our concepts of beauty. Working with abandoned and left over materials, he experiments with notions of history, memory and preservation, through re-contextualizing desire and aesthetic value. Wassink reimagines possibilities with partial forms by exploring new possibilities of half built and half destroyed materials. Working with a diversity of fabrics, including partly demolished buildings, and shoes, his focus is of the detritus of our everyday, over productive culture.


Showcasing his deconstructed and reconstructed shoe collection at the Dashilar Flagship store, a temporary shoe shop in Hutong Dashilar, Beijing, he uses cheap counterfeit shoes as raw material to create a brand, with a new local identity. Shoes are cut and re-edited in the pop up shop by designers, and reassembled by local Dashilar shoemakers. Wassink attempts to create new collaborations for designers and makers to interact while fulfilling local needs, deconstructing the concept of brand value, by giving new meaning through a local context.


Wassink believes that young designers need to create their own environment through deconstruction, as a means of shaping their own world into something personal, creative and meaningful to them, and as a means of competing with mainstream consumerism.

Website: www.sanvans.com