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Zurita is a slow, considered fashion project by Gabriela Farias Zurita that explores, honors and recontextualizes the tradition of Andean hand weaving. As a reaction against fast fashion, and the poor quality and low prices of fashion fads, Zurita challenges the concept that it is simply too expensive to produce slow fashion. This collection, named “Pusi C’chakura” utilizes traditional weaving from the Aymara of Tarapaca region in Chile, and aims to provide contemporary, urban designs made with heritage textiles.

Zurita25Each piece is one hundred percent hand made from pure Alpaca fiber, from the spinning to the assembly of the garment, creating zero energy emissions. Colors are either natural or vegetable dyed. All weaving is done in the tradition of the Aymara, on a backstrap, or four-stake loom; a tradition that is threated by cheaper, faster mechanized looms. The collection comprises 24 looks, from a mix of Andean traditional weaves and local produced garments from organic Peruvian cotton, linen and wool.

Zurita21In respect of Aymara tradition, each hand loomed piece in the collection is made from whole or combined weaves, and never cut. The ancient Aymara consider their weaving as “bodies”, and believe it a sin to cut them. As with many ancient cultures, the Aymara experience a sacred bond between craftsmanship and object, making working with artisan communities a special undertaking that requires care, respect, understanding and knowledge exchange.

Zurita11Zurita’s premier collection was shown in November 2013, at the Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho in Santiago, Chile, instigating and provoking discussion, interest and information sharing on the recontextualization of tradition and honoring of craftsmanship in a contemporary context. As the discussion and experience grows, Zurita’s next task will to commercialize and organize the weavers and their work.


Website: www.zurita.co

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