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New York based womenswear brand Harare was founded in 2013 by Caroline Fuss. Named after the birthplace of Fuss’s mother and grandmother in Zimbabwe, Harare’s cultural heritage is woven into the brand DNA, as well as through the very fabrics themselves.


Devoted to honoring rich artisanal cultural heritage from around the world, the label celebrates artisanship throughout the collection. With a goal of establishing and nurturing relationships with master artisans, the collection acts as a means of building bridges between tradition, craftsmanship and luxury fashion.


The collection is produced entirely locally in New York and Los Angeles, with textiles mostly sourced in Guatemala. Hand loomed cotton features heavily in the collection, hand spun in Guatemala, and woven on traditional backstrap looms. The line also incorporates recycled denim remnants mixed with raw cotton; to produce an eighty percent recycled denim fabric, liberally utilized throughout the collection.


Bright insertions of brilliant hand embroidered geometric designs are threaded throughout, along with engineered dropped weft thread fringing, cascading into long fringed necklines and swinging from hips. The line also features labor-intensive macramé, as well as surprising metallic stripes, all acting as a means to contemporize the traditional. The collection draws heavily on Berber cultural dress, and its relationship with the landscape they inhabit.


Website: www.harareny.com

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